Original Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach

Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach has unlimited divine power and by using this auspicious Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach, one can get instant relief in life. If your enemies trying to harm you or having failures in life then you should wear Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach.

Benefits of Original Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach

  • It is helpful to cure the Vata (imbalance of our body) and gives health relief.
  • It provides protection from enemies and negative energies.
  • It helps to defeat your opponent in every phase of life.
  • It removes all the ill-influence of evil-eyes and negative energy.
  • It is helpful to remove all the troubles and failures that come in business as well as professional life.
  • It helps the wearer to attain success in competitive exams.
  • It is highly effective in court cases and lawsuits.
  • It provides protection from scars, operations and accidents.
  • It acts as a shield and your enemies won’t be able to harm you.
  • It removes financial hurdles from one’s life.
  • It brings health, wealth and prosperity at home and shop.

Energized by Chanting Mantras:

Original Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach is energized by chanting 51000 Mantras of Maa Baglamukhi.

Material Used in Original Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach:

Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach is made of Panchdhatu

Do’s and Don’ts for Original Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach:

  • Avoid consuming alcohol and non-veg on the day you wear Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach.
  • If you are going in a funeral then take-off the Kawach and wear it again after taking bath.
  • Remove the Kawach while visiting a newborn baby.

What Will You Get With Original Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach?

We also provide the Puja Vidhi and auspicious Muhurat with this kawach. You will get to know about all the details of wearing the Kawach in Puja-Vidhi.

How to Buy Original Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach?

The pricing of the product may vary according to the available type of that product. To get more details regarding the price, you can call us on +91-8287842077 or you can send us an email at baglamukhisadhna@gmail.com.

(Note: The actual product may slightly vary from the image depending upon which product is available.)

How Original Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach Will Reach to You?

We will send the Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach by Courier to the given address. If you are living in India then there are no other delivery charges.

If you are living outside the country then the delivery charges for sending the Original Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach depends on the Country or Place you live.

  • General timings for delivery is in the country: 3 to 5 days
  • Rural area:  4 to 7 days
  • Outside the country: 7 to 10 days

Contact for any query about Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach.

  • Call or Whatsapp: +918287842077.
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